A good number of those who responded to our poll said that they wished that searching was easier. Since we use a commercially developed search engine, please give us some specifics as to how this can be done (or what is difficult about our search engine). While we cannot change the program itself, there are some things that we may be able to do.

NOTE: we designed the majority of our homeschool section to presume that customers will know what they want before they come to us. We have few descriptions there purposely. So, please don't include secular homeschool/education titles in the answers below.

BRIEFLY describe how our search engine is difficult to use.

What search topics/categories have you tried to search and had difficulty with (i.e. Mary, church history, etc).

We could put certain codes on selected titles to aid in search (i.e. XMA for Marian Apparitions, etc.). If this would not help, write NO in the space below. If it would help, list some topics that would especially help you in the future.

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