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This site is dedicated to the memory and work of Russian Orthodox Priest Martyr Daniel Sysoyev. Most of the material is a translation of Fr. Daniel's Mission Center Russian language site with some additional features from English language articles about the priest-martyr.

Martyr Daniel's work was unique in that is was proactive and effective. While most Orthodox Christians take a 'come and see' attitude, remaining inside their churches waiting for the occasional visitor enter in search of the Truth, Fr. Daniel took the Faith outside, to the masses. Using media, street witnessing, classes and other methods (more often associated with Protestant sectarian groups), he was successful in bringing many into the Church. This included Muslims who are regarded as the most difficult group to reach with the Gospel message.

The success with Islamic converts resulted in many threats and finally his murder on November 20, 2009, aged 35, by a Muslim fanatic. No longer able to carry on his earthly ministry, Fr. Daniel now carries out heavenly intercession for those left behind and who continue to bring the 'Good News' of Orthodox Christianity to the world.

It is hoped that this site will inspire you to 'be a Daniel' in your community.

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